Movement, change, sustainability: let the journey begin
Ottobre 2019

Il mercato dell'auto elettrica

Inizia il Purgatorio di fine anno

Come ampiamente previsto, in considerazione dei prossimi limiti alle emissioni che scatteranno però solo dal gennaio 2020 (95gCO2/km sul totale delle auto immatricolate), è iniziato un ultimo trimestre 2019 con crescita meno brillante per il mercato delle elettriche.

Il mese di ottobre fotografa infatti un mercato in crescita più moderata rispetto ai mesi scorsi. Le vendite del mese dell'elettrico puro sono calate rispetto a settembre, mentre si registra un leggero aumento nelle vendite delle PHEV.

Scopri l’andamento del mercato dei veicoli elettrici attraverso dati autorevoli e aggiornati su base mensile.

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MOTUS-E gathers and represents the segments interested in the success of electric mobility. The aim is to create a common platform of dialogue between all the actors in the value chain: from infrastructure suppliers to automotives, to favour the transition to the mobility of the future in Italy, as it is already happening in other countries of the world.

Francesco Venturini –
Chief Executive Officer Enel X and MOTUS-E President
About us

Our Mission

The world of mobility is moving towards electric vehicles, but not fast enough. We need to accelerate the pace. MOTUS-E was born to do it.

MOTUS-E is the first Italian Association to bring together industries, the transport sector, the academia, consumer associations and opinion movements, to favour the transition towards a more sustainable model of mobility, in a context in which technologies and digital transformation play a crucial role.

MOTUS-E is full of energy. Let the journey towards the new mobility begin.

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The workstreams will be the front door to open highly operative working groups gathering all the stakeholders to sharing and overcoming the specific barriers that slow down the transition. To this extent, the whole value chain will be involved, up to the end-user.

Dino Marcozzi –
Secretary General MOTUS-E
About us

What we do

MOTUS-E aims at analysing the technological, economic and normative barriers that slow down the development of the electromobility market.

It represents a qualified interlocutor among various stakeholders: operators in the transport sector and its users, the academia and national industries.

The strong and mutual collaboration makes possible to have an effective and authoritative action towards institutions, to facilitate the removal of barriers and enforce a more coordinated and less prejudiced regulatory framework.

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