Studi e analisi

  • Batteries on wheels: the role of battery electric cars in the EU power system and beyond

  • Comparing value chain GHG emissions in the power and transport sectors for selected technologies

  • McKinsey&Company – RACE 2050: A Vision for the European Automotive Industry

  • Transportation Electrification: Strategies for Electric Utilities

  • Roland Berger – Automotive Disruption Radar #4 issue

  • Electric vehicles from life cycle and circular economy perspectives – EEA Report

  • Powering ahead! Making sense of business models in electric vehicle charging

  • Low-carbon cars in Italy: A socioeconomic assessment

  • Electrify 2030 – Electrification, industrial value chains and opportunities for a sustainable future in Europe and Italy

  • Citi GPS: Electric Vehicles Ready(ing) For Adoption

  • The Future of Energy and Mobility